Get paid to show off products on social media.
Post honest reviews of brands like Amazon, GAP and Dove. Get paid when followers buy.
Sell through social media.
Post promotional content and reviews.
Buy through comments.
Customers comment +1 on your post to buy the products.
Check-out via DM.
Users get sent a link to check-out right in TikTok.
Sign up with any size following.
Track your orders, profits and most loyal followers with our dashboard. Reach out personally to thank your most engaged customers, double down on products you know resonate with them, and use data to demonstrate your value to sponsors.

Sell anything.
Sales happen directly in your comment section, and you can show off any product you choose. Whether its selling small-batch homemade goods, or running affiliate marketing programs targetting 100s of thousands of users,
Wanver can help you sell better. Wanver is currently in private beta, and we are looking for creators of all sizes, and selling a variety of products to join us.
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